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RYM has incorporated years of factory experience into FactoryWiz Monitoring, an integrated device that plugs directly into a factory network. The system is configured through an easy-to-use web interface and supports large screen TV displays, PCs or web enabled Smartphones – anything with a web browser. FactoryWiz Monitoring supports report generation, e-mail & cell phone alerts, display of real-time status, an interactive shop-floor map, a preventive maintenance module and file-transfers – all through pre-configured web-based tools.

Industry 4.0 and FactoryWiz Monitoring at Velden Engineering UK See FactoryWiz Monitoring in action at DP Engineering, UK See the latest videos of FactoryWiz DNC in action FactoryWiz DNC V16.4 is now available
Industry 4.0 creates what is better known as a “Smart Factory” where a computer system like FactoryWiz Monitoring monitors the physical processes of a...

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FactoryWiz Monitoring has played a vital role at DP Engineering in Redruth UK by proving a powerful monitoring system that allows users to see the pro...

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FactoryWiz DNC brings a host of new capabilities to DNC communications. Building upon past DNC innovations such as full simultaneous communication cap...

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Get the latest DNC product on the market FactoryWiz DNC 16.4. FactoryWiz DNC is designed from the ground up to be simple, modern, and touch-screen acc...

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